Healer 153 - Liz Baughman

Liz BaughmanLiz Baughman is an educator, speaker, healer, and detox expert, and the founder of the Ecstatic Wellness Institute. With twenty years of hands-on experience in the medical and wellness world, Liz sees the body as an energetic pathway ~ the vehicle to opening your senses to the fullest.

Located in Sedona, AZ, Liz's work focuses on “transformation from within,” and her intentions are for you to be fully ecstatic in every moment of your day... and she offers simple choices and profound tools to help you realize this true aliveness.

Contact Liz at 707.483.9848

Liz received a Sacred Heart Healing and Channeled Healing.

I received a transformation healing session from Liz and was impressed by the number of diverse treatments she wove together into one powerful session. Thanks Liz!

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