Healer 147 - Susan Propst

Susan Propst is a clairvoyant and healer practicing Transference Healing in Sedona, AZ.

"Transference Healing is a 7th dimensional frequency healing and ascension process that is advanced, multidimensional, works with lightbody and creates alchemy. Transference Healing creates all new healing modalities within its process and it's profoundly effective at this vital time of Earth and human evolution.

I believe it is for the serious seeker wanting their ascension in this lifetime. Transference Healing helps us integrate more light and ascend to our Adam Kadmon body. Transference Healing is the key for those who are ready."

Contact Susan at 480.980.8672

Susan received a Channeled Healing.

I also received a Transference Healing from Susan. During the session I felt very peaceful and relaxed, and I noticed the results clearly the next day. I woke up the next morning feeling empowered and clear. I was not surprised to then read Susan's email telling me that my healing focused around empowerment.

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