Healer 124 - Cathryn Tezha Swann

Cathryn Tezha Swann offers healing essential oils singles and blends for balance and harmony at all levels. Guided personal essential oil blends and aromatherapy sessions. Raindrop Technique. Organic health care products. She also offers Reiki Level ll, Integrated Energy Therapy, Structural Energy
Alignment, Color Therapy, and Harmonization. Core Issue Release Counseling.

Cathryn is also a bead artist to creates guided jewelry and prayer beads for her clients, using stones, colors and symbols which have a beneficial energy for each person.

For more information, visit her websites: MoonSinger Essentials and Dancing Moon's Young Living.

Contact Cathryn at 928 634 1696

Cathryn received a Sacred Heart Healing. The picture above was taken before Cathryn's healing. We were both surprise by the bright halo in the photo!

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