Healer 111 - Debbie Davis

Debbie DavieDebbie Davis offers Bars touch therapy. Bars are 32 points on the head (money, control, creativity, aging, ect.) that when lightly touched will start a flow of energy and release years of beliefs, judgments, and fixed points of view, plus all of the stuck negative feelings, attitudes, and emotions that they hold in place. It's much like erasing an unwanted file from your hard drive. All of this is stored in electronic fields around your body and comprise what is commonly called the mind. Bars sessions gives you greater access to YOU, so you start functioning from knowing instead of old programming. After a Bars session the worst that can happen is, you will feel like you've just had a great message, the best that could happen is, it could change your whole life!

Contact Debbie at 928.202.4898

I receieved a Bars session from Debbie and found it pleasant and deeply relaxing.

Debbie received a Trance Medium Clearing and Sacred Heart Healing.

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