Healer 106 - Debbie Dehm

Rev. Debbie Dehm - "I offer my services as a guide on your healing journey. I use the modalities of massage, Reiki and meditation to guide you to happiness and well-being. I am also able to perform weddings and other ceremonies you may need.

I practice Okazaki Restorative Massage, which is an oriental technique. It is a deep massage with several presure points using the forearm and elbow in a rocking motion. It is a rejuvenating massage, intended to relieve sore muscles after exercise and restore the normal chi flow in the body."

For more information, see Debbie's website www.your-paths.com

Contact Debbie at 928.301.0842

I received a Okazaki Restorative Massage from Debbie, and the deep yet smooth motions worked well with my body. Debbie received a Trance Medium Clearing and Sacred Heart Healing.

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