Healer 15 - Juliette Edgerton

Juliette is a good friend who is new to Sedona. I always appreciate her upbeat attitude, friendly smile, and of course her unique style. I met Juliette outside Calling All Angels before she moved to Sedona and could see right away that she would fit in here in Sedona.

Today Juliette recieved a Sacred Heart Healing.

Juliette EdgertonJuliette Edgerton heals others through her vibrant, colorful, and bold art. Her work brings smiles to many and carries the positive healing energy she puts into each piece. Juliette is also known as "The Resourceress" as many of her creations include found objects.

Contact Juliette at 415-420-3921 or www.juliettetheresourceress.com

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