Healer 9 - Rev. Jesse Richard Plagenhoef M.D.

I met Jesse at a potluck at Mason Rumney's dome home in Sedona. While talking, we discovered a common interest in ascension energies and a shared desire to help others on their soul path. Jesse and I traded healings (Jesse received a Sacred Heart Healing). Afterwards, Jesse installed one of his Transceivers in my office and I have noticed improved clarity and productivity ever since.

Rev. Jesse Richard Plagenhoef M.D.Rev. Jesse has over 30 years experience in Holistic Family Medicine, utilizing studies in acupuncture, body work, homeopathic medicine, nutrition,herbs, subtle energies, and sacred geometry. Rev. Jesse is particularly skilled at the elimination of geopathic stresses, and enhancement of both the intensity and frequency of energy, leading to optimum health and acceleration of your soul path.

Contact Rev. Jesse at 928.202.8670

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