Healer 4 - Lynne Marie

In my meditations earlier this month, I began getting information on how to integrate a new healing modality into my practice. This modality works in conjunction with the Christ Force Healing energy and focuses on 12 specific healing rays of light. Lynne was the first person to receive a full session with this new modality which I'm calling Sacred Heart Healing. Thanks Lynne! I was impressed by the clarity and intensity of this new work!

Lynne MarieLynne Marie is a channel for Angels and Ascended Masters. As an Empathic Counselor, she reads energy then transmutes information to a loving, calm energy which is projected to her clients. Lynne offers psychic readings, pet readings, tarot card readings, and vortex tours at the Center for the New Age in Sedona.

Call Lynne at 928-274-3542 to make an appointment.

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