Healer 158 - Dana Simmons

Dana Simmons from Healing with Heart provides a variety of healing modalities. All sessions include energy work.

I work with voice vibration sounds healing & hands on body work.

I offer transformational retreats, as well as tribal movement classes--helping women to get in touch with their sacred feminine.

Contact Dana at 928-202-8173 or visit her website www.healingwithheart.massagetherapy.com

Dana received an Ascended Master Healing.

Healer 157 - Nancy Hill

Nancy Hill is a self-taught healer who is moving into deeper work and sound healing.

Contact Nancy at 805.760.8588 or read more about Nancy at www.giveyourselftolove.com

Nancy received a Sacred Heart Healing and Past Life Clearing.

Healer 156 - Gwynne Reese

Gwynne Reese helps others heal by opening the space for them to connect and open to their divinity and power within.

Gwynne trained with Barbara Brennan and other teachers and has been a practicing healer since the 1980s.

Contact Gwynne at 928.203.0169

Gwynne received a Channeled Healing with Mary Magdelene.

Healer 155 - Kirah Hesky

Kirah Heskyis an internationally known intuitive consultant who offers intuitive readings, past life regressions, astrology, and macrobiotic cleanses.

Contact Kirah at 805.452.1242

Kirah received a Channeled Healing Session.

Healer 154 - Vance Bleaux

Vance Bleaux offers healing through Myopractic manipulation of bones with body work.

Contact Vance at 928.301.0289

Vance received a Sacred Heart Healing.

I have received several Myopractic sessions with Vance, and I found his work to be both thorough and long lasting. I'm looking forward to more!

Healer 153 - Liz Baughman

Liz BaughmanLiz Baughman is an educator, speaker, healer, and detox expert, and the founder of the Ecstatic Wellness Institute. With twenty years of hands-on experience in the medical and wellness world, Liz sees the body as an energetic pathway ~ the vehicle to opening your senses to the fullest.

Located in Sedona, AZ, Liz's work focuses on “transformation from within,” and her intentions are for you to be fully ecstatic in every moment of your day... and she offers simple choices and profound tools to help you realize this true aliveness.

Contact Liz at 707.483.9848

Liz received a Sacred Heart Healing and Channeled Healing.

I received a transformation healing session from Liz and was impressed by the number of diverse treatments she wove together into one powerful session. Thanks Liz!

Healer 152 - Candace McKena Caldwell

Candace McKena Caldwell Candace McKena Caldwell offers body therapy and massage for nurturing the body, mind, and soul. Sessions may include deep or light tissue massage with warm stones, Raindrop Technique with essential oils, East Indian head and face massage, and Quantum Touch.

Candace is also a Oneness Blessing Deeksha Facilitator offering private or group sessions.

Contact Candace at 928.554.4507.

Candace received a past life clearing, Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

I also received a body work session from Candace. Immediately after the session started, I began feeling deeply relaxed and was seeing visions. The overall experience was wonderful.

Healer 151 - Michelle Jack

Michelle JackMichelle Jack offers NeuroMuscular Therapy, Integrated Massage, deep tissue massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and energy healing.

Michelle listens to the body, what her client wants and likes, and follows her guidance during a session.

Contact Michelle at 928.282.0732

Michelle received a Channeled Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 150 - Penny Buckman

Penny Buckman is a Reiki Master, Reconnective Healer, and Integrated Energy Therapist.

Penny combines these techniques based on the client's needs, working with guiding ones and her intuition.

Contact Penny at 928.203.0809.

Penny received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 149 - Mary Morningstar

Mary Morningstar is a medical intuitive, multi-dimensional healer, Reiki master, medium, and channeler.

Contact Mary at 928.202.9677

Mary received a Channeled Healing.

Healer 148 - Zhenya Rice

Zhenya Rice offers Medical therapeutic re-abilitation Body Work, Sports Massage, Hypnotherapy, and Native American Ceremonies and counseling.

Zheyna also works with sustainable environmental projects on a native reservation.

Contact Zhenya in Sedona at 928.284.9481.

Zhenya received Sacred Heart Healing and Channeled Healing.

Healer 147 - Susan Propst

Susan Propst is a clairvoyant and healer practicing Transference Healing in Sedona, AZ.

"Transference Healing is a 7th dimensional frequency healing and ascension process that is advanced, multidimensional, works with lightbody and creates alchemy. Transference Healing creates all new healing modalities within its process and it's profoundly effective at this vital time of Earth and human evolution.

I believe it is for the serious seeker wanting their ascension in this lifetime. Transference Healing helps us integrate more light and ascend to our Adam Kadmon body. Transference Healing is the key for those who are ready."

Contact Susan at 480.980.8672

Susan received a Channeled Healing.

I also received a Transference Healing from Susan. During the session I felt very peaceful and relaxed, and I noticed the results clearly the next day. I woke up the next morning feeling empowered and clear. I was not surprised to then read Susan's email telling me that my healing focused around empowerment.

Healer 146 - Laureen Grenus

Laureen Grenus- Since 1994 Laureen Grenus, a natural born, gifted intuitive healer has been channeling high frequency healing energy from a group of non-physical healers, psychic surgeons, angels and ascended masters. Laureen is able to provide a vortex of sacred energy around the recipient, which allows deep healing to take place that addresses mental, emotional and spiritual issues, and by doing so; the physical body often expresses a healing as well.

Contact Laureen at 480.921.4009 or visit her website www.sacredvesselhealing.com

Laureen received Channeled Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 145 - Rhoda Altabet

Rhoda Altabet is a Reiki Master who studied Reconnective Healing with Eric Scott Pearl.

Rhoda offers distant healings and works with the Kabbala and chanting during a healing session.

Contact Rhoda at 928.282.4329.

Rhoda received a Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 144 - Judee Hallee

Judee Hallee is a naturally gifted, compassionately guided psychic channel offering Tarot card readings, energy healing sessions, and psychometry.

Contact Judee at 928.300.9833 or visit her at Angels Of Enlightenment on Hwy 179 in Sedona.
Judee received a Light Body Healing and Alignment.

Healer 143 - Michelle Peterson

Michelle Peterson - "I am a clear and conscious channel for Spirit. I work from a place of gratitude, compassion, and integrity.

The answers are all inside you, allow me to remind you."

Contact Michelle at 928.862.0239 or visit her at
Sedona Center for the New Age

Michelle received a Sacred Heart Healing, Trance Medium Clearing, and Light Body Healing and Alignment.

I received a hands-on healing session from Michelle and was very impressed by the energy and spirits she brought through. Michelle has an incredible gift for healing and channeling.

Healer 142 - Linda Summers

Linda Summers uses Reiki and guided imagery for healing.  She has been a Reiki Master for 17 years and leads people on sacred journeys to Sedona's Vortex sites.

Contact Linda at 928.282.8966 or visit Sedona Spirit Journeys at www.sedonaspiritjourneys.com

Linda received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 141 - Petey Mueller

Petey Mueller - I heal others through music, hand drumming and sound.  I have has worked with different trance music traditions, mostly from Africa, the Caribbean, and Brazil.  I have adapted what I've learned to merge with audiences and blur audience/participant distinctions.

I also work with Relexology and laughter through Clowndalini Yoga.  I am the Music and Stage director for the Sedona Circus and Sideshow.

Contact Petey at 928.239.0411

Petey received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 140 - Paulette Fellner

Paulette FellnerPaulette Fellner has 14 years experience in private practice using acupuncture, herbology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been a practicing Reiki Master for 20 years.

Paulette works emotionally with a very gentle touch and provides healing with or without needles.

Contact Paulette at 928.567.9337.

Paulette received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

I received a session from Paulette which included Reiki and acupuncture. I was very impressed with the results which helped relieve shoulder pain I had been experiencing for the previous weeks. Thank you Paulette!

Healer 139 - Paul Vincze

Paul Vincze - I provide a safe relaxing space for people to heal themselves. I use massage, Reiki, essential oils, crystals and Ionic foot bath to assist people to heal.

I also provide clases on massage, crystal use and awareness and Reiki.

Contact Paul at 928.282.4888 or visit his website www.paradisepotentials.com

Paul received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

I also received a very relaxing and healing massage, energy and crystal healing session from Paul. I was impressed by both the depth and breadth of his knowledge. 

Healer 138 - Jan Tijmes

Jan TijmesJan Tijmes is currently doing research into Harmonic Resonance and structures. He is working to create a healing room to help accelerate chi, increase personal energy, and place on in an alpha state.

Additionally, Jan is providing psychic life coaching services nationwide.
For Soul Healing sessions.
For Houston Intuitive Life Coaching sessions.
For free bi-weekly life-coaching with Jan Tijmes.

Contact Jan at 281-414-7895.

Jan received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 137 - Judy Erwin

Judy Erwin promotes, sells, and teaches about Frequency Healing.

Call Judy to learn how specific frequencies can help recharge your body by cleansing and strengthening your immune system, balance your energy field to help bring in higher energies for body, mind & soul consciousness…

For more information, visit www.bioelectricsforhealth.com or contact Judy at 800.936.6240

Judy gave me healing with the BCX 211 frequency generator. I could feel the energy moving through my body and radiating throughout the room.

Judy received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 136 - Jenevieve Zansiotes

Jenevieve Zansiotes heals through massage, psychic reading and dance. Through snake dancing, Jenevieve embodies archetype goddess energy to transform and heal the ways of the great mother.

Contact Jevevieve at 323.610.7303 or visit her website for more information.

Jenevieve received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 135 - Jim Harris

Jim HarrisJim Harris is a Certified Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor and Practitioner who does "Healing with the Angels".

Contact Jim at 928.282.7710

Jim received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 133 - Sybil Larney

Sybil Larney Sybil Larney - I practice the art of Ohashiatsu which supports the balance of energies discussed in the Chinese Five Element Theory.

Fundamentally, when energy is out of balance, discomfort and disease can present themselves. So matters of the heart and mind and body can heal themselves when energy comes back into balance.

Contact Sybil at 928.284.5404 or visit her website www.ZenShiatsu.biz

Sybil received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 132 - Dhanya Falkenstein

Dhanya Falkenstein heals through touch and energy work, combining eastern modalities such as shiatzu with her intuitive ability to see energy in the body.

Contact Dhanya at 928.274.3950

Dhanya received a Christ Force Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 131 - Vena Devi

Vena Devi

Classical Feng Shui Consultant
Interior Designer
Original Fine Art / Faux Painting / Murals

Read more about Vena's Spiritual Retreats at www.sedonaretreatrentals.com

Sound Healer
Deva Kingdom Channel
Crystal Energy Healing

Contact Vena at 928.274.2015

Vena received a Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 130 - Adam Conway

Adam Conway is a Certifed Reconnective Healing Practitioner offering in-person and remote sessions. Credit cards accepted.

Contact Adam at 928.300.2816

Adam received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 129 - Sally Conway

Sally Conway is a Certified Practitioner of The Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection and has been personally trained by Dr. Eric Pearl.

A local area native, Sally holds her practice in the heart of beautiful Sedona, AZ, and invites you to call her for more information about this work or visit the official Reconnection website, TheReconnection.com, or check out the amazing book, The Reconnection, by Dr. Eric Pearl.

Contact Sally at 928.300.2816

Remote sessions & Pet healings available. Credit cards accepted.

Sally received a Christ Force Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 128 - suSun Lovit

Susan LovitsuSun Lovit offers chakra balancing and clearing, essential oil treatments, massage, and intuitive counseling.

suSan also creates beautiful chakra paintings which are available in her studio.

Contact Susan at 928.204.1903

suSun received a Christ Force Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 127 - Carol Sydney

Carol Sydney is an open channel to "all that is" channelling most all ascended masters. Sydney is also an author working primarily with bringing Divine Feminine into form.

Contact Sydney at 928.284.5373

Sydney received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 126 - Andrea Murphy

Andrea Murphy is an artist, yoga teacher, and performer for the Sedona Circus and Sideshow.

Contact Andrea at 928.239.0217

Andrea received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 125 - Kimberly Whitney

Kimberly Whitney is an Intuitive and Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator. She inspires and assists individuals in realizing their greatest potential.

Kimberly's mission is to teach, heal and to create love, peace and harmony by invoking the Holy Spirit.

Contact Kimberly at 928.649.8868

Kimberly received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 124 - Cathryn Tezha Swann

Cathryn Tezha Swann offers healing essential oils singles and blends for balance and harmony at all levels. Guided personal essential oil blends and aromatherapy sessions. Raindrop Technique. Organic health care products. She also offers Reiki Level ll, Integrated Energy Therapy, Structural Energy
Alignment, Color Therapy, and Harmonization. Core Issue Release Counseling.

Cathryn is also a bead artist to creates guided jewelry and prayer beads for her clients, using stones, colors and symbols which have a beneficial energy for each person.

For more information, visit her websites: MoonSinger Essentials and Dancing Moon's Young Living.

Contact Cathryn at 928 634 1696

Cathryn received a Sacred Heart Healing. The picture above was taken before Cathryn's healing. We were both surprise by the bright halo in the photo!

Healer 123 - Jan Young

Jan Young offers therapeutic massage and physical therapy through Myofascial Release.

Jan received a Christ Force Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 122 - Keone

Keone is certified as a Qi Gong instructor, Reiki healer, Shamanic guide, Tantric teacher, and Project Adventure in technical climbing and hiking and teaches individuals and couples to have more bliss, love, fun and joy in their lives. Using natural elements, Keone creatively designs your own unique experience for your highest good and happiness.

Read more about Keone's services at www.davinciheart.com or contact Keone at 928.282.6869

Keone received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 121 - Dr. Noel J. Carrasco

Dr. Noel J. Carrasco practices
Integrative Preventative Medicine (traditional, complementary, and alternative) and is available for Reiki, Reiki Drumming, Mind-Body Medicine, Nutritional & Botanical consultations, and
Integrative Pediatrics.

For information about his multiple wellness programs, visit www.intowellbeing.com

Contact Noel at 928.282.4354

Noel received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 120 - Pat Murphy Carrasco

Pat Murphy Carrasco heals using Reiki, Expressive Arts Healing, and painting.

Contact Pat at 928.282.4354

Pat received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 119 - Ambaya

Ambaya offers Bring Training for Harmony using Brain State Technology. She also helps others in maintaining optimum health of mind, body, and spirit through life style and dietary counseling.

Visit Ambaya's website at www.neuromagic.net

Contact Ambaya at 928.282.1756

Ambaya received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 118 - Fred Rusher

Fred Rusher creates sacred geometry art work to aid in awakening your inner spirit and help you realize who you really are.

Fred's work is available at www.geocosmicarts.com

Contact Fred at 928.203.1722.

Fred received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 117 - Crystal Dawn Morris

Crystal Dawn Morris Crystal Dawn Morris is a Reiki Master, Shamanic healer, Tantra teacher, Holodynamics
consultant, writer and nurse-midwife. She also offers channeling and psychic reading sessions.

Contact Crystal Dawn at 928.282.5483 or visit her website www.TantraForAwakening.com

Crystal Dawn received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 116 - Roxanne Wessel

Roxanne Wessel combines her innate healing touch with Young Living essential oils to assist the body on it's journey to wellness through the cellular, physical, and emotional levels incorporating the Raindrop Technique, Reiki, and Love.

Roxanne & her husband, Paul are also facilitators for the cosmic & transformational board game eXperience - the Game

Contact Roxanne at 928-634-1660.

I received a Raindrop Therapy session from Roxanne and found it to be deeply relaxing and calming. Roxanne received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 115 - Randee Caras

Randee Caras has been practicing Myotherapy and Neuromuscular Therapy, deep tissue, and trigger point work for 13 years and has been a teacher at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe for 8 years.

Contact Randee in Carefree, AZ at 602.799.4388.

Randee received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 114 - Jannah Riemer

Jannah Riemer - With a large number of tools in my basket, I am versatile and seek to use my tools however I can best serve the client. Sometimes I see myself as an archeologist of the soul, helping people to find their true self by gently clearing away the accumulated misperceptions, beliefs and whatever. Modalities can include emotional release, readings, retreats, energy work, vision quests, and more...

Contact Jannah at 928.203.0362.

Today, Jannah received a Trance Medium Clearing and Channeled Touch.

Healer 113 - Ryah

RyanRyah - I've been studying in the following areas for over 30 years and like to listen to the person I'm working with to hear their desires, intentions, and needs so we can best co-create a session. I practice Transformation Facilitation, Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Bodywork, Massage, Guided Meditation, Shamanic Work, and Chi Kung.

Contact Ryah at 928.282.2811

Ryah received a Sacred Heart Healing and Trance Medium Clearing.

Healer 112 - Thea Ivie

Thea IvieThea Ivie is a Spiritual Healer who works with the Ascended Masters and Angels, channeling God's energy for healing.

Read more about Thea at www.divinegraceretreats.com

Contact Thea at 928.282.8526.

I really enjoyed Thea's perspective on life and the insights she shared while I was working on her.

Thea received a Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 111 - Debbie Davis

Debbie DavieDebbie Davis offers Bars touch therapy. Bars are 32 points on the head (money, control, creativity, aging, ect.) that when lightly touched will start a flow of energy and release years of beliefs, judgments, and fixed points of view, plus all of the stuck negative feelings, attitudes, and emotions that they hold in place. It's much like erasing an unwanted file from your hard drive. All of this is stored in electronic fields around your body and comprise what is commonly called the mind. Bars sessions gives you greater access to YOU, so you start functioning from knowing instead of old programming. After a Bars session the worst that can happen is, you will feel like you've just had a great message, the best that could happen is, it could change your whole life!

Contact Debbie at 928.202.4898

I receieved a Bars session from Debbie and found it pleasant and deeply relaxing.

Debbie received a Trance Medium Clearing and Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 110 - Julie Hallinan

Julie HallinanJulie Hallinan assists clients to find ther inner light and gifts, integrating the "shadow" side to tap into gifts of light.

Julie offers energetic healing utilizing Aura-Soma, color, crystals and ligh, massage therapy, and Chakra Balancing.

Contact Julie at 928.300.4751

Julie received a Trance Medium Clearing and Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 109 - Michelle Lamb

Michelle LambMichelle Lamb is a subtle energy therapist using aromatherapy, crystal therapy, TFT and the L.I.F.E. System.

For more information on Michelle's subtle energy therapy and products, visit her website www.heavenlyscent.net

Contact Michelle at 928.254.0355

Michelle received a Trance Medium Clearing and Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 108 - Simone Awhina

Simone Awhina is a sound healer and an international concert and recording artist.

For more information, visit her website at www.justsimone.com

Contact Simone at 928.634.1616

I received an amazing sound healing from Simone where she used her voice to channel healing sound frequencies into my body. Later in the evening, I noticed my energy channels were running smoother and faster than ever before.

Simone received a Trance Medium Clearing, Sacred Heart Healing, and Channeled Touch.

Healer 107 - Jeffrey Low

Jeffrey Low - "I spent 28 years doing body/mind work with a system called neuro-muscular activation. My primary work has shifted to marriage counseling and teaching marriage as a spiritual practice."

For more information about Jeff's book, TV shows, and workshops on marriage, visit www.themarriagepath.com

Contact Jeff at 707.939.9800

I really enjoyed working with Jeff. I found his perspective on life and relationships insightful and inspiring. Jeff received a Trance Medium Clearing and Channeled Touch.

Healer 106 - Debbie Dehm

Rev. Debbie Dehm - "I offer my services as a guide on your healing journey. I use the modalities of massage, Reiki and meditation to guide you to happiness and well-being. I am also able to perform weddings and other ceremonies you may need.

I practice Okazaki Restorative Massage, which is an oriental technique. It is a deep massage with several presure points using the forearm and elbow in a rocking motion. It is a rejuvenating massage, intended to relieve sore muscles after exercise and restore the normal chi flow in the body."

For more information, see Debbie's website www.your-paths.com

Contact Debbie at 928.301.0842

I received a Okazaki Restorative Massage from Debbie, and the deep yet smooth motions worked well with my body. Debbie received a Trance Medium Clearing and Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 105 - Joyha Baker

Joyha Baker - "I am a certified dolphin energy healer. The dolphins transmit healing energies through me to address our intention for healing."

Contact Joyha at 928.282.0930

Joyha received a Christ Force Healing, Trance Medium Clearing and Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 104 - Bimla Ahlawat

Bimla Ahlawat is an instrument of THE PEACE.
She gives
private yoga classes,
private Ayurvedic massages,
private meditation,
and private indian cooking lessons,

Email Bimla at bimla(at)commspeed.com

Bimla received a Trance Medium Clearing and Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 103 - Andrea Clare

Andrea Clare, Doctor of Divinity, heals through sound vibration, opening up areas of excess pressure and creating the space to rebalance your body harmonies.

Samples of Andrea's healing CD Peace through Sound Vibration are also available online at www.priestessalchemy.com.

Contact Andrea at 928.284.0048.

Andrea received a Trance Medium Clearing and Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 102 - Rebecca Moyer

Rebecca Moyer provides healing through new technologies such as QXCI, Laser, Sensa Bed, Blue Light, and Plexus Pulsar.

Contact Rebecca at 928.282.1602

Rebecca receieved a Trance Medium Clearing and Sacred Heart Healing.

Healer 101 - Alexandra Phelps

Alexandra Phelps - "I am a shaman, clairvoyant, healer and exorcist. I also do personalized fabric art quilts with prayers/symbols, etc. In addition, I work as a masters level therapist for troubled teenagers."

Contact Alexandra at 928.301.4952

Alexandra received a Trance Medium Clearing, Sacred Heart Healing, and Christ Force Healing.

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